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NeuEsse Inc.

A novel plant-based skin substitute

Presenter: Joseph P. Connell


Monday, 7:30 pm, November 9, 2020 (Online Only)




NeuEsse Inc is a pre-clinical medical device company developing a plant-based human skin substitute.   OmegaSkin™ is water soluble and coupled with its patented portable blow spinner, the skin and other therapeutics can be sprayed onto the patient at the point of injury or at bedside.  The company could file published data available presently for an FDA approval for a 510 K occlusive dressing designation.  Plans are to file a full PMA for regenerative medicine and application for burns, wounds, diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), bedsores, pressure ulcers and aesthetic dermatology and beauty.


Sales projections are for achieving $125 Million by year 5. For the 60 million wounds treated annually in the US each year, many require skin grafts or skin substitutes. These products are not available to billions of patients globally as they are not available, not affordable, or not acceptable culturally.


NeuEsse believes it will open global markets of tens of millions of patients who cannot presently accept skin from currently available sources (i.e. Sharia, Halal, Hindu, Muslim or Vegan), because OmegaSkin will be the only plant-based skin able to achieve greater healing results. Finally, we can produce skin from soy protein Isolate which is orders of magnitude less expensive than any available product.



3 Major Issues


  1. Funding:  How do we connect with angel investors or family offices to finish our current $1 MM seed round?
  2. Partnering:  Should we seek a strategic partner? If so, who? And who would be a good partner/vendor to help us with packaging, sterilization and/or commercial launch?
  3. Pricing:  OmegaSkin™ has shown greater efficacy than current products and is far less expensive to produce.  Management believes this product is perfect for the Department of Defense.  Who has an access point?  For other customers, who could help us establish a commercial pricing strategy?





7:00 - "Meet and Greet" on Zoom webcast; talk with other members

7:30 - Joseph P. Connell, NeuEsse Founder/CEO, will deliver "Elevator" Pitch to the Group





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NeuEsse Webcast - 11/9/2020


00:00:00 Beginning of recording
00:16:15 Three questions posed by Joe Connell
00:16:58 Michael Poisel's comments on Q1
00:28:27 Barry Constantine's comments on A2
00:45:00 BJ Swartz's comments on Q3
01:02:30 Audience questions

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