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PCCI's 6th Annual Roundtable

Streamlining The Path To Commercialization



Steve Tang, PhD, President & CEO University City Science Center: Moderator



Bob Adelson JD, Managing Partner Osage Partners LLC

Pam Demain MBA CLP™, Executive Director Corporate Licensing Merck&Co

Phil Johnson MD, CSO Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Ross Tonkens MD, Director Science & Technology Accelerator Division American Heart Association


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Embassy Suites, Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania (directions)


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PCCI's Annual May Meeting will be co-hosted this year with Bio Strategy Partners. The discussion will focus on the process of bringing projects from university technology transfer offices to commercial reality.


PCCI has invited four key influencers across the life sciences innovation development spectrum - from university technology transfer, early-stage venture capital, the disease foundation sector and corporate pharma - to discuss their respective roles in the process and suggest how strategic collaboration between universities and prospective partners can help streamline technology development as well as improve deal flow through the system.


At issue: Can careful selection and more comprehensive "packaging" of emerging technologies at the earliest stage better serve commercialization needs? Can such strategic packaging loosen up more investment dollars in between?


By selectively targeting more "commercializable" candidates for "advanced placement", can the technology transfer function earn more money for the university? Could a more strategic approach help revitalize the investors and the life science funding model? Can big pharma, big diagnostics and big device players help by contributing intellectual capital, plus time and money upfront?


The program will begin with introductory remarks, followed by a lively panel discussion for the first hour. For the last 30 minutes, we'll take questions from the audience.


Meeting Details


Cost of dinner and presentation: members: $55; non-members: $75. Parking is free. The event will be webcast. Those who cannot join the meeting can still participate. Webcast registration will be $35. A password will be given.




6:00 - Networking

7:00 - Dinner

8:00 - Roundtable and Discussion



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Streamlining The Path To Commercialization Webcast - 05/08/13


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