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KEOSYS Medical Imaging

A medical imaging software company

Presenters: Dorian Kaiber, Business Development US Operations and
Paul Pommel, Clinical Project Manager


Monday, September 8, 2014

Embassy Suites, Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania (directions)




Founded in 2001, KEOSYS is a privately-owned medical imaging software company that focuses on the development and commercialization of innovative solutions for use in clinical trials and routine diagnosis. The management team is led by Chief Executive Officer Jerome Fortineau who founded the company in 2001 along with co-founder and Vice President of Advanced Imaging, Pierre Terve.


With over 12 years of experience on the market, Keosys draws on extensive technology and expertise from a team of imaging scientists, physicians and software engineers. Research projects are part of the company DNA. Since its creation, the company has participated in numerous projects with leading research laboratories, government organizations, research centers and private firms specialized in medical imaging across Europe and the United States. Over the years, their network of expert partners has helped them achieve high-end expertise in the fields of radiology and molecular imaging. Their expertise is focused on functional and molecular imaging (particularly nuclear medicine relevant to oncology and cardiology procedures). In the Unites States, there are approximately 20 million procedures per year in this field (49% of world procedures according to OECD) making it a key market for their business.


The company is headquartered in France, and has international offices located in the United States and Singapore. As of today, Keosys has over 500 reference centers and is offering its products through a worldwide network of distributors.


Presently, activities are divided between clinical trials (55% of turnover) and routine diagnosis (45% of turnover). Their solutions are used in more than 500 reference centers across 50 countries.


US activities revolve mainly around the clinical trial activity with some major references such as the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Celgene. They are currently in the process of launching their latest solution for routine diagnosis on the US market by Q4 2014.


The company's teams of physicians and software engineers have developed a comprehensive and innovative suite of solutions for the analysis and management of medical imaging in clinical routine and medical research. Their technology and expertise are focused upon specific market niches and serve needs that are clearly defined and acknowledged by medical professionals today.


The company provides two types of solutions:

For clinical trials (CTMS)

The clinical trials solution is called Imagys. Imagys is a powerful, integrated Cloud Imaging Management System. Its automatic digital workflow process is in line with current regulations and the GCPs. The platform allows you to efficiently perform QA, De-identification process & Remote imaging assessment through an online image analysis software, offering 2D/3D advanced functionalities (SUVs & Lesion Management System). Keosys also offers clinical trial consulting services, image analysis, management of readers, quality control and cross calibration procedures.

  • For routine diagnosis

The advanced image analysis solution provides all the latest applications for Nuclear Medicine and molecular image interpretation. It is fully interoperable with the existing systems and remotely accessible through cloud technology. Their software ergonomics and fully customizable applications help reduce hands-on time and accelerate the imaging workflow, thus helping physicians efficiently deliver the most accurate diagnosis.


The United States is leading the global medical imaging market with around 50% share. The global US medical imaging market is currently valued at approximately $7 billion. Their solutions are essentially divided between the following market segments:

  • The Imaging Diagnostic Software market is valued at approximately $460 million in 2013 and is growing at an annual rate of 7.2% for an estimated $600 million in 2017.
  • The Cloud Imaging market was valued at $56.5 million in 2010 and is growing at an annual rate of 27% for an estimated $380 million market value in 2018.
  • The Clinical Trial Management System vendor market is currently valued at $340 million and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 14.1% for an estimated $500 million in 2017.

These market segments are expanding both technologically and clinically. They are driven by exponential growth in the volume of imaging data and procedures, a high demand for remote access to the applications, along with regulatory incentives to invest in Health IT.


Keosys competes directly with independent software vendors such as Mirada Medical, Segami, Hermes, MIM, Median, Intrasense and AG Mednet. Alternatives to their product include the original equipment manufacturer’s solutions such as GE, Siemens, Phillips, Toshiba and Agfa – although these solutions are often complementary to theirs and generally ask for a much higher investment.



3 Major Issues


  1. International development: coordinating the transition
    Making the transition from exports to establishing an international presence is a laborious process. Any advice to facilitate this transition and ensure a good coordination (management, sales and marketing) between the parent company and its subsidiary ?
  2. Sales : improving performance
    Any advice on how to improve sales performance when penetrating a new market with limited resources?
  3. Marketing: lauching a new product
    What are the main elements that constitute a good sales strategy to launch a new product in this industry and market ?




6:30 - Cocktails & Dinner (Cash bar and special 2-entree buffet menu)

8:00 - Dorian Kaiber, Business Development US Operations and Paul Pommel, Clinical Project Manager, will deliver the Company's "Elevator" Pitch to the Group

8:20 - Panel will address three major issues crucial to helping the Company reach the next level.

9:00 - Open discussion: members and guests



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KEOSYS Webcast - 09/08/14

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