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MBF Therapeutics

A leader in gene-based checkpoint inhibitor therapies

Presenter: Tom Tillett


Monday, March 9, 2020

Embassy Suites, Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania (directions)




MBF Therapeutics is a clinical-stage animal health company focused on the development of gene-based, immunotherapeutic vaccines for use in veterinary medicine.  It uses a proprietary vaccine platform and delivery system technology called "checkpoint inhibitor therapies".  These have the potential of transforming the treatment of cancer and prevention of infectious diseases in both companion animals and livestock.


MBF Therapeutics’ lead product is an immunotherapeutic vaccine for canine melanoma. Two pilot studies have been completed:  

  •     The vaccine was shown to be safe
  •     It elicited a robust immune response in 100% of dogs treated
  •     It has potential for a conditional registration as early as 2020

MBF Therapeutics also has a strong pipeline of products, including vaccines for other cancers in companion animals, as well as economically significant infectious swine diseases.



3 Major Issues


  1. How do we get life science investors who have never seen an animal health opportunity to invest in this company? 
  2. If we are correct that we can “turbo-charge” both B-cell and T-cell responses in a sustainable process, this is truly disruptive technology.  What are our greatest risks in introducing disruptive technology? 
  3. Please give us your opinion on these exit strategies for investors:
      -  Build an animal health company, then sell it, but retain human health rights
      -  Sell certain rights (cattle, poultry, etc.) and share proceeds with investors
      -  Go for an IPO.  Or do a reverse merger IPO.





6:30 - Cocktails & Dinner (Cash bar and special 2-entree buffet me nu)

7:45 - Tom Tillett, CEO of MBF Therapeutics, will deliver "Elevator" Pitch to the Group

8:00 - A Panel will address three major issues crucial to helping the Company reach the next level.

9:00 - Open discussion: members and guests




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