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DMK Pharma

Advancing a 3-way opioid-use disorder compound

Presenter: Joseph P. Connell


Monday, 7:30 pm, April 12, 2021 (Online Only)




DMK Pharma develops novel drugs for the medical treatment of addiction, particularly for opioid-use disorder.  As a small startup, it uses a virtual company model to get the most for its investment funds and attract talent without geographical constraints.


Its lead molecule, DPI-125, acts on all three opioid receptors (mu, delta and kappa), giving it unique characteristics. Initially, DMK had aimed to create a potent analgesic for a Phase I study, the value proposition being that:  mu agonism confers potent analgesic effect, delta agonism reduces respiratory depression, and kappa agonism reduces abuse liability.  These attributes have shown results in rodents and non-human primates, and also in humans through a predecessor compound with a similar receptor activation profile.


However, given the catastrophic opioid crisis, made worse by Covid-19, DMK decided to advance this molecule as a “Medical-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder”. 


DMK’s patent portfolio comprises composition of matter and use patents issued in the US, Europe, Canada and China. DMK is also pursuing a use patent internationally for treating addiction.


To date, the company has been funded by founder capital and generous grants from the NIH and CSIT. The plan is to continue to apply for grants, but DMK needs to move to equity financing now, as it needs to raise approximately $10M to be able to carry out human studies to demonstrate lack of respiratory depression and abuse liability.



3 Major Issues


  1. As DMK Pharma has no capital, how can it best attract leadership through equity compensation prior to financing?
  2. Should DMK first try to raise around $5M to perform a human study to show safety with regards to respiratory depression, then go for additional funding?  Or should it try to get $10M initially?
  3. Where is it most likely to get funding for this project?
    • High net-worth individuals?
    • Family offices?
    • Angels, VCs, or investment bankers?





7:00 - "Meet and Greet" on Zoom webcast; talk with other members

7:30 - Eboo Versi, MD, PhD, Chairman & Founder of the Versi Group, owner of DMK Pharma, will deliver "Elevator" Pitch to the Group

8:00 - Panelists' comments, followed by audience Q&A Panelists: Sharon Ross, Joe Cirino and Mike Silvon Moderator: Bob Michel





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