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Our Next Meeting

Intrommune Therapeutics

A biotechnology company developing patient-friendly therapies for the treatment of food allergies

Presenter: Michael D. Nelson

Monday, June 10, 2019

Norris McLaughlin P.A. (directions)

400 Crossing Boulevard, 8th Floor, Bridgewater, NJ 08807



Intrommune Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing patient-friendly therapies for the treatment of food allergies. The company’s oral mucosal therapeutic platform is based on the well-accepted principles of allergy immunotherapy. Immunotherapeutic agents are regularly administered to areas of the oral cavity with the highest likelihood of decreasing allergy symptoms, gradually desensitizing the immune system to specific foods.



  • Oral mucosal immunotherapy (OMIT) is administered via a specially formulated toothpaste that incorporates and stabilizes allergens (food proteins)
  • Toothbrushing brings allergens into contact with specialized immune cells throughout the oral cavity


Platform Advantages

  • Completed proof-of-concept clinical investigation validates OMIT approach
  • Published study data consistent with safety and adherence advantages over other allergy immunotherapies-Global IP portfolio protects OMIT products at least through 2033; Five patents issued thus far; global prosecution ongoing


Product Pipeline

  • Lead product is INT301 for treating peanut allergy
  • INT301’s efficacy is driven by (1) OMIT’s optimization of administration and (2) integration into daily tooth brushing routine for consistent, long-term adherence
  • Pre-IND meeting completed July 2018; Agency agrees with company plans for
    • IND submission material
    • Phase Ib study plans with an abbreviated up-dosing regimen
  • Follow-on products will treat other common food allergies such as egg, milk, and tree nuts



  • Over 3 million people (including 1.5 million children) in the US suffer from peanut allergy at a cost in excess of $6 billion annually
  • There is currently no approved treatment for any food allergy other than strict avoidance



Questions for Discussion


  1. Manufacturing/CMC  - particularly assays, HPLC, consistency, lack of fungal contamination
  2. Regulatory - issues around converting a food to a pharmaceutical, potential complications if add fluoride, and
  3. Potential for grants





6:00 – Dinner and Drinks
7:00 – Michael D. Nelson, will deliver the company's "elevator" pitch to the group

8:00 – Q&A Session

9:00 – Networking



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