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Robert W. Lee, Ph.D.

Pharmaceutical research and development


Robert W. Lee, Ph.D. has more than 18 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development of both therapeutic drugs and diagnostic imaging agents (encompassing Preformulation, drug delivery (including NanoCrystal® Technology as one of the foundering members of NanoSystems, Lyotropic Therapeutics' LyoCell® technology, and Novavax's Micellar Nanoparticle technology), formulation development, analytical sciences, sterile manufacturing, and technology evaluation and development), project leadership and management, scientific and corporate management, organization building, and business development. He enjoys building de novo R&D organizations including NanoSystems' Analytical Sciences Department, élan Drug Delivery's Injectable Products Department, and Novavax's Pharmaceutical Development Department. Rob was also one of the founders of NanoScan Imaging, LLC.


Dr. Lee is Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development for Particle Science, Inc. and was formerly VP of Pharmaceutical Development for Novavax, Inc., VP of Product Development for Lyotropic Therapeutics, Inc., and VP of Research and Development for IMCOR Pharmaceutical Co. Prior to these positions, he held various R&D positions within élan Drug Delivery, NanoSystems, and Sterling Winthrop Pharmaceuticals Research Division. Rob maintains strong academic ties, including a former appointment as Adjunct Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Kansas and serving as a reviewer for both the International Journal of Pharmaceutics and Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He is the author of 11 patents, 14 provisional patent applications, nine published articles, and three book chapters. Dr. Lee received a Ph.D. in Physical Bioorganic Chemistry under the direction of Professor Thomas C. Bruice from the University of California, Santa Barbara and B.Sc.'s in Chemistry and Biology from the University of Washington. In addition, Rob currently serves as a Scientific Advisor for both NanoScan Imaging and Savara Pharmaceutical.






Contact Info:

Particle Sciences, Inc.

Vice President, Pharmaceutical Development

3894 Courtney Street, Suite 180

Bethlehem, PA 18017

Tel: (610) 861-4701

Fax: (610) 861-4702

Mobile: (610) 308-6543



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