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Robert C. Smith

Editor-in-Chief at Dorland Healthcare Information


Robert C Smith (RCS), Editor-in-Chief at Dorland Healthcare Information, is a biomedical industry analyst and strategist with forty-one years of experience throughout the biomedical industry, including research and development, marketing and marketing research, and corporate planning and development. He continues to build on his broad and deep industry perspective through ongoing advisory roles (industrial, financial, academic, other institutions) as well as his role as author-editor of reference resources that define the worldwide biomedical industry.


RCS started his career as a medicinal chemist and was originally hired into the pharmaceutical industry by Wyeth Laboratories’ Dr. Herchel Smith, the director of steroid and natural product chemistry and the originator of the company’s highly successful oral contraceptive franchise. From there RCS moved to a similar position at Smith Kline & French Laboratories, where he continued to prepare, isolate and characterize new chemical entities for use in pharmacological research.


RCS then moved to the marketing division of SK&F where his experience included project direction in marketing research. These activities focused on participation in multidisciplinary teams that evaluated new product candidates (both internally generated and available through acquisition) for their commercial potential. These activities also included extensive contacts with senior marketing management as well as sales representatives in the field.


RCS next advance was to corporate planning and business development (CP&BD) at SmithKline (company evolved into GlaxoSmithKline), where he performed a wide variety of project assignments for the vice president of SK CP&BD who reported to the CEO of the corporation. These assignments included proposal and evaluation of business combination candidates, proposal and analysis of corporate strategic initiatives (including, for example, an ophthalmic strategy and a diagnostic strategy), formation and promulgation of a business intelligence function, and other strategic studies.


RCS followed his multinational corporate career with a leadership role in a specialized information provider, particularly including authorship-editorship of reference resources that define the worldwide biomedical industry for use by industry participants, advisors, and suppliers. That role has also included organization and participation activities in conferences that discuss current issues in the biomedical industry.


RCS education includes a B.S. in chemistry from Loyola College, an M.A. in medicinal chemistry from Temple University, an M.B.A. in finance from Temple University, completed course work for a D.B.A. at Temple University, and a certificate in information science from Drexel University. His academic activities continue with invited lectures at the University of Pennsylvania (The Wharton School) and Cornell University.






Contact Info:

Dorland Healthcare Information
1500 Walnut St., Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Tel: (215) 875-1254

Fax: (215) 735-3966



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